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I experimented digital painting, and tried to learn some principles, so it is more like a training.
At the beginning it supposed to be a haunted house, but as usual I finish with a sweet atmosphere and I am not able to do something more scary. So it looks like the kind of house where you go for summer holidays with your family ...


Some designs for my animated project

Hello, happy new year!

Today some designs research that I've done for my current short-film. I hope to finish it soon, because animation take a long time and I've a lot of new design, illustrations, and comics strip in head. Thank you for watching, and see you soon!

Bit players

Design for Christmas

A boxer, just like that

Les Doodies

A little illustration for our new road trip blog!
This is my version of our characters on little poney (because we are pretty small and cartoony),  travelling in the North America.

Bye San Francisco

Une petite illustration lors de notre road trip, pour remercier Sharon de nous avoir hébergée à San Francisco!
 Le rough est de moi, et Odile-Marie à fait l'encrage et la couleur.

Le Caribou: Some news about Vancouver

venez suivre les aventures de deux intrépides à Vancouver, et  le road trip aux États-Unis, sur la trace des cowboys. Photos et dessins à l’appui, pour narrer les péripéties des Doudies, au pays des caribous et du sirop d'érable!
Par ici la visite!